We believe in doing good work...and work that does good. For over 25 years, we have been cheering on our clients. We are moved by the successes we share together, and disappointed by the failures. When it comes time to confront the challenges presented by our clients, we are right on the front lines.



    We try new things and often propose the most out-of-the-box concepts... and sometimes those innovative ideas hit the ball right out of the park. One of our key assets is our expertise in both the creative and analytical sides of direct marketing - the integration of "left brain" and "right brain" thinking, providing our clients with a balanced approach of breakthrough creative based on a variety of strategies and sound analytics.



    We are honored to partner with some of the leading nonprofit organizations in America, and the measurable difference we help create provides a source of personal and professional satisfaction for our
    team members.

When a natural disaster erupts, a child needs food, or medical research needs to be funded we think, we work, and we act to save lives and protect the environment.
Fundraising Feature
TMT (Care's #1 fundraising team) raised $6,800 at the #WalkInHerShoes‪‬ event on October 1st. Thank you to all that donated and participated and a special thank you to Ron and Wendy Bell for matching the donations!

CARE’s Walk In Her Shoes represents CARE’s longstanding commitment to create real impact for women and girls. The flagship Atlanta fundraising walk raises vital funds for CARE projects that help communities overcome barriers to girls’ and women’s security, health and opportunity. The walk is more than an event – it is an opportunity for anyone who believes that poverty is injustice to stand up, speak out, and advocate for a more hopeful, tolerant, and just world.
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