Our mission is to create, implement and manage results-oriented fundraising and marketing campaigns blending analysis, innovation and experience.

Target MarkeTeam, Inc. is a direct response advertising agency founded in 1987 and now has billings of $100 million. The agency’s full-service headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

“Our very first clients were nonprofit organizations and we’ve expanded to include some of the best – known charities in the world.”

We are committed to and inspired by the work of our clients, making our partnerships with these organizations extremely gratifying by allowing us to help further their worthy causes. Our clients rely on us to help identify, develop and manage integrated teams of specialists and experts with the depth and breadth of experience in the nonprofit industry to help them achieve their goals.
We offer our clients a wide range of advertising and direct response services, and regularly partner with industry leaders in many specialized disciplines to provide leading-edge support across a full spectrum of products and services.
We take pride in producing materials that are pleasing to the eye, on-target with strategy, crafted with multiple response techniques and budgeted so that our clients receive the benefit of the higher response. Our services are uniquely designed to enable clients to maximize their current programs, develop new and innovative approaches to address these challenges and meet or exceed their fundraising goals.