What separates us from other direct response agencies is our successful integration of award-winning creative, actionable, data-driven strategic problem solving and “out of the box” thinking that has enabled our clients to significantly increase supporter participation and revenue.
This balanced approach is vital to clients who are interested in expanding their programs and finding ways to excel in difficult economic times and markets. Innovation like this wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and talent of our 70+ member team of professionals who are organized into three primary departments:
“We’re dreamers… and doers. We love figuring out new ways to make a difference.”

Account Services

Our clients enjoy the focused attention of their Account Service team, dedicated to a single account. The experience of our Account Service professionals adds significant value to both the management of day-to-day procedures and to the accomplishment of long-term goals.
Our approach to account management is comprehensive and strategic. It includes organizational alignment, senior management commitment and processes and systems for communications and knowledge management.
Each of our client’s Account Services team consists of one or more Senior Account Executives or Account Supervisors, and at least one Senior Production Specialist who serves as the interface for all coordination of external services, printing and lettershop. Account Representatives coordinate the development and delivery of all agency services to insure an integrated use of client and agency resources. Our Representatives have comprehensive credentials in strategic and program planning, production management, media planning and analysis, and program development and implementation.
Creative Services

We are a creative service agency from stem to stern. We live it. We have made creative development the heart of every aspect of our work so that it’s second nature. Our staff vies for the best idea amongst each other, making sure you get the winner of a dozen strong concepts.
Having been awarded more than 150 times by the Direct Marketing Association for our efforts, Target MarkeTeam brings new and innovative creative insights and tactics to our clients.
Our Creative Services team excels in art direction, copywriting, Macintosh-based desktop publishing, direct mail and collateral design, product positioning, and production management. All creative development and implementation is done in-house, ensuring creative continuity and allowing an in-depth understanding of our clients’ missions and objectives to have maximum impact.

We base every action on data – and results. Many nonprofits miss out on the benefits of rigorous evaluation and data analysis – including obtaining more reliable data on where to invest their time and money – because size or time precludes it. But this is what we do every day. Our strength lies in separating the wheat from the chaff. We distill the trends, tools and outcomes to meaningful data points and specific recommendations that can grow our clients’ programs and maximize their return on investment.
Our dedicated analysts possess in depth knowledge of statistical modeling and data mining that allows them to use tools like cluster modeling, TMT’s proprietary SmartSelect©, Customized Predictive Data modeling, and ROI analyses to develop strategies for identifying and targeting the most valuable donors for our clients.
Our analytic services are uniquely designed to enable clients to maximize their current programs, develop new and innovative approaches to address their challenges and meet or exceed their fundraising goals.